Thursday, April 28, 2011

May Marketing Opportunities

May is a really exciting month at the Daily Southerner. We have our annual Relay for Life event which will be May 13-14 this year. Our Relay for Life tab will give readers all the details about the event, a map of the location and area sponsors. To advertise in this tab please contact Gene Hudson or Rose Cushing at 252-823-3106 before May 6, 2010.

Our annual Medical Directory is currently being updated for publication in late May. To make sure your business is included please contact Gene or Rose at 823-3106. This is distributed to over 20,000 readers through our newspaper, racks, medical offices, hospitals, pharmacies and area businesses. This slick glossy magazine type directory has a shelf life of a year and has been well received by all our readers.

The June issue of our Eastern NC Woman's magazine is being worked on at this time. It will hold some exciting opportunities for area businesses to get their message to the public. The first issue distributed in March literally flew off the shelves! If you would like your business to be included in this slick, glossy, quarterly magazine please contact Gene or Rose at 823-3106. Advertising deadline for the upcoming issue is May 16.

In June we will begin our weekly publication of our area TV Book. This will be a wonderful resource for our readers. It will detail upcoming television channel schedules, Tips on upcoming shows, recap of all the movies during the week that are available, a section called sports view that lists the sporting events during the week. It also includes a cover story discussing a show that is highlighted for that week. Even a crossword puzzle based on television trivia. For advertisers interested in being part of this new feature please contact Gene or Rose at 823-3106. Not only do advertisers have a full color ad in the TV Book, as a bonus feature the advertisers get an ad the same size as their TV book ad in the Tuesday or Thursday edition of the newspaper for free! What a great way to brand your business and discuss weekly specials, services and information!

We still have opportunities for sponsorship for our Civil War series. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of a time in history when our countrymen were at war with each other. There were hard lessons learned from this tragic time in our history that have allowed us to change and grow as a society. For more information on this series call Gene or Rose at 823-3106.

Our Welcome To Tarboro magazine is a monthly publication that features information about the Tarboro area, historical stories, area news, art events, real estate showcases and area business information. To be a part of this highly anticipated publication call Gene or Rose at 823-3106.

Did you know that our website reaches more than 50,000 households each month? You can advertise your business on one of the pages within our site starting as low as $100 per month. Web advertising can give details about your business, showcase your products, and include a direct link to your website. If you don't currently have a website we can build you an information page that lists your hours, policies, personnel, and contact information.; we do this at no charge to you when accompanied by your web ad. For more information on this please call Gene or Rose at 823-3106.

As you can see May is truly an exciting month with a ton of exciting new and cherished old publications available for your business to be featured in. Space is selling out fast so call our office today to reserve your spot. 823-3106.

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